Trollhunter as Reviwed by Others



**Since Trollhunter is less than 20 years old there is a spoiler alert.  I can’t tell the reviews without spoilers so this is your last chance to turn back.**


These reviews are from sources that are not me and are compiled on these websites from their users.


Trollhunter is a Norwegian film.  IMDb has Trollhunter at a 5/10 with 57,429 people giving their feedback on it.  Rotten Tomatoes has Trollhunter at a 6.7/10 equaling a 82% with 101 actual critics reviewing it 83 calling it fresh (good) and 18 calling it rotten (bad).  The user grade (as in normal folks on the internet) gave it a 3.6/5 equaling a 72% with 21,803 reviewing it.  Roger Ebert gave it 2.5/3 stars.


Overall the Rotten Tomatoes critics say, “Trollhunter is a mockumentary with an appropriate level of creeping dread, but one that also benefits from generous helpings of dry wit.”  Most of them make comments on how it’s an entertaining movie, which I agree with.  Some pf the things that happen are just so out there and odd that you have to laugh.  The critics that said it was bad are complaining about the fact that it is a found footage style movie, most mention The Blair Witch Project (1999) at least once.  This makes sense as The Blair Witch Project was the first one to become popular.  The actual first one was Cannibal Holocaust (1980), which I’ve heard is a very graphic movie, to say the least, that was banned and is still banned in some countries.  The normal people who gave it reviews say that it’s too long, and therefore boring, as well as commenting on the found footage.  The good reviews are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the story and filming.  From IMDb the regular folks giving their opinions also complain about the “gimmicky” found footage.  One person says, “Anyhow, I just can’t get into the whole troll thing. I don’t take trolls seriously. I’m open-minded to the fact that maybe aliens and ghosts might exist. Heck, even Bigfoot may be real, but TROLLS!? REALLY?? Seriously?”  Trolls are part of Norwegian culture and folklore.  Many of the people who enjoyed it say that they had no expectations or low ones and they ended up loving it.  They also say to forget about The Blair Witch Project and other found footage films because this one has quality camera and it’s not a bunch of shaking and heavy breathing.  Don’t get me wrong that happens in Trollhunter too, just not as much.  Roger Ebert talks about the Christian hunting aspect a lot so I feel like he might be a bit biased, but it’s his opinion so whatever.  It also seems like he didn’t really understand it.  He says, “Unfortunately, the film ends abruptly before the troll hunters can explain [why trolls react so violently to sunlight]. Of course it’s a requirement of the genre that all the children of “Blair Witch” end abruptly. But I digress.”  Maybe he was thinking too much about it, since it was his job and all.



Links I Used


Rotten Tomatoes

Roger Ebert


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