Studio Tours

Studio Tour 1

Colton Chadderon

Analyzing Aspects of Forum Writing

He made a blog about the elements of online writing and the differences between three forums.  The forums that he chose were a bass fishing site, a women’s magazine, and a gaming and game discussion site.  The actual blog is reminiscent of some of the forums I visit occasionally.  It’s just plain black text with a white background.  It fits the theme of the blog well.

The posts cover everything you would want to know about posting on a forum, except for the specific rules that each forum has.  There is a post on content, linking, length and space,  navigation, purpose, and interactions in the forums.  The general concept of a forum and how they work is explained.  Within each post the topic is discussed in depth.  For example, within the post about linking, the amount of linking is discussed.  It includes actual numbers which is interesting to see as well as estimates.  The fishing forum had the most links and the women’s magazine had the least but it had a lot of responses giving suggestions.  The content can vary per forum and many of them have like a “random topic” discussion area, for stuff unrelated to the overall topic of the forum.  The gaming forum is specifically called out in regards to this.  Apparently, any sport can have a fantasy aspect to it because people were asking about a fantasy league for professional bass fishing on the fishing forum.     

Personally I had a little trouble understanding the actually goal of the project until I read the description and a few posts a couple of times.  That could just be me not grasping one vital concept.  It’s a solid topic though.

Studio Tour 2

Eric Kvale

An Exploration in Understanding Chess

He made a blog about chess as well as a GitHub file repository.  The point of the GitHub repository, at least as far as I can tell, is to store the files that will be or are being used to build a chess engine.  Unfortunately the chess engine will not be posted until after the project is finished.  My experience with coding is practically nothing, so I am very impressed when anyone can do something that they consider simple with code.  I have very slight experience with C++, HTML, and Python but I needed a step by step walk through for all of them.

The actual blog is set up in a different way but it works beautifully.  Like it’s dark but it isn’t too dark.  There are images and videos embedded into the text itself.  Most of the posts are formatted so that you just scroll down and you can read it all so you don’t have to click to a new tab or window to read it.  I really like the headers at the top.  With them you can get all sorts of cool info.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Studies of my Games contains a move by move game of chess that was played.  Under Studies of Pivotal Computer Chess Matches there is a move by move chess game with explanations to the logic behind the moves.  Since this a jargon intense blog there is also a glossary with some of the terms used.  There are also abundant links to other chess websites and coding websites.  One interesting feature that was included was a polling question about chess moves.  I haven’t seen a poll on any other blog and I rarely see them on the websites that I frequent.

Studio Tour 3

Madelyn Haasken

Pure Bliss Beauty

She created a blog about makeup and fashion.  It’s a very nice beauty blog.  The posts were about a makeup look of the week, an outfit of the week, and a weekly review of individual beauty items.  The actual look of the blog is nice.  It looks like a Pinterest board, which I think adds to the beauty blogger aesthetic, with big pictures that open into a full screen viewing of them once clicked. 

I really like the looks that are discussed in the posts.  There is the inspiration for the post, one mentioned the nice spring weather being inspiring, at the beginning of the posts.  I do not know the make up terms so a glossary or something similar might be beneficial to a few readers, since beginners often turn to the internet for their tutorials.

Within the actual posts she covers the inspiration for the look, the products used with a price list, and a how to.  The pictures that are included really give it more of a tutorial feel than a simple review on a product.  However, they just show the finished look, not an actual step by step.  The descriptions are detailed enough that someone with experience would be able to easily follow along.  The links are also very useful.  For example, when Danielle Jackson is mentioned, along with some of her Instagram shots, there is a link to her YouTube page.  I would not have looked her up but since there was a link I watched a few videos and learned some things.  Overall, the posts are written like you are talking one on one to a friend.  Which is nice because of the connection that helps you realize that if a normal person can do all of this fantastic make up, anyone can. 


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