Distributed by: Summit Entertainment

Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke

Staring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.


**Since Twilight is less than 20 years old there is a spoiler alert.  I can’t give my review without spoilers so this is your last chance to turn back.**

Twilight is the teen romance movie with vampires.  I saw it back in the day when it first came out in 2008 and I did not like it.  All the girls in my class (we were in like fifth or sixth grade at the time) were absolutely in love with the whole idea of a vampire boyfriend and would read the book over and over and watch the movie over and over.  I never saw the appeal.  I still do not like Twilight but it was slightly less painful to watch.  It was just boring and angsty to me.  Like Bella (Stewart) has to move up to Washington state to live with her dad from Arizona and Washington is dark and gloomy, like her.  It was filmed in, obviously, cloudy conditions.  Even though it wasn’t super dark constantly, it was still darker than I like.  And all the actors were really pale.  It’s almost like the color palette was gray and muted tones, so it was just blah.  I liked the songs that they had but I wasn’t really a fan of the instrumental music that they had.  The music all fit the scenes though, so that was good.  I really liked the wide angle shots showing off the landscape.  Those were my favorite ones.  The acting was very stiff and extremely awkward.  But they are high schoolers, and since high schoolers are awkward I guess that makes the acting good.  Like their awkwardness fit their roles, I had the captions on and at one point it said, “sighs awkwardly”.  I also appreciated the fact that they all looked mostly natural.  Except when the vampires sparkled in the sun.  But otherwise they all looked normal, like they could actually be high schoolers.  The outfits all made sense.  Some of the vampires were a little extra with a fur vest in the woods but they were part of the “bad guys” so it comes with their territory I suppose.  Most of the special effects involved high speed and climbing.  In one scene Edward (Pattinson) has Bella on his back and he’s jumping from a building to a tree and going up the tree.  In another one they are playing baseball and they have to run super fast to catch the ball.  There isn’t that much blood in the movie even though they are vampires.  It’s kind of a nice a change of pace to watch a movie with minimal blood.  It was a little long for my liking especially since it was a genre that I do not really care for.  There was one scene with like 5 minutes of screaming and I muted it, because the screams were just super annoying.  So it wasn’t as bad as I remembered but I will not be watching it again.


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