Labyrinth as Reviewed by Others

These reviews are from sources that are not me and are compiled on these websites from their users.  IMDb has Labyrinth at a 7.4/10 with 99,969 people giving their feedback on it.  Rotten Tomatoes has Labyrinth at a 6.3/10 equaling a 68% with 40 actual critics reviewing it.  13 gave it a rotten or bad review and 27 gave it a fresh or good review.  The grade their users gave it was 3.8 /5 equaling a 86% with the input of  372,601 users.  Roger Ebert gave it two stars out of four.  The critics on Rotten Tomatoes that gave it bad reviews are all basically saying that it doesn’t make sense and isn’t the best execution of a story.  A few talk about how it stays in the 80s.  Like it isn’t a classic movie that people now can enjoy.  I would argue that that is how any movie is depending on your opinion.  The ones that gave it a good review are saying the opposite and I suppose that is the way critics do things.  Roger Ebert says, “There’s no structure to the order of the adventures. Sarah [the main character] does this, she does that, she’s almost killed here, almost trapped there, until at last nothing much matters.”  Which I agree with, but I think that is how most kids movies are.  We all know that good will triumph over evil so it doesn’t really matter what happens.  On IMDb one person who gave it a bad review did so because the “labyrinth” is actually a maze.  I am amazed (See what I did there?) that they wasted their time posting that.  Others complain about his singing and his pants……the pants I can understand, the singing not so much.  On Three Movie Buffs only Scott and Patrick reviewed it and Scott gave it a 1.5/4 and Patrick gave it a 2/ 4.  So the overall score was 1.75/4.  Scott had an issue with the acting, specifically Sarah.  But she was somewhat new to acting when she did this movie.  Apparently it is also “A Blueprint to Mind Control” in this article the Illuminati is mentioned (They have to get their members while they are too young to question things).  Apparently it represents “mind control” because, “Through trauma, the psyche of the slave [Sarah] is reprogrammed by the handler [Jareth] resulting in a situation where anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.”  This is a new theory that I hadn’t heard before and seems like a standard conspiracy theory.  Back when I first saw it, I was curious about the glass crystals he would use.  It turns out he was doing something called contact juggling but Bowie couldn’t actually do it.  Their solution was to get someone who could do it to be his arms.  This shows how it was done.  When it first came out it was a flop but now it is a cult movie.  

Links to the pages that I used

Roger Ebert


Rotten Tomatoes

The one about mind control

Three Movie Buffs


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