Distributed by: TriStar Pictures

Directed by: Jim Henson

Starring: David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly
Where do I even begin with this movie?  I like David Bowie so the fact that he is in it and he sings in it already makes it amazing.  It takes place in the 1980s so the few minutes of the “normal world” that we get to see the clothing fits in.  However once Sarah (played by Connelly) joins Jareth (Played by Bowie) on the adventure to his kingdom there is no dress code and pretty much no rules that we would see in normal life apply.  For example everything talks and time can be easily manipulated.  The special effects are pretty cool.  Jim Henson, the creator of muppets, had some pretty good ideas and they are so simple.  In on scene there is a tunnel of hands and it’s just a bunch of people with painted gloves on.  I guess the puppets could count as a special effect since sometimes they are just background objects but sometimes they heavily interact with the other characters.  There is a lot of symbolism and foreshadowing.  In Sarah’s room she has pictures hung up that are very significant later on.  The movie looks good for what they had to work with.  I personally like the scene at the end just because it looks so cool and it looks like a drawing by M.C. Esher.  Then the dream sequence scene is good because of the music, costumes, and context.  There is variation in the locations but most of it is inside the labyrinth.  The music fit with all of the scenes, I believe because the songs were written for the movie, and I used to somewhat regularly listen to the soundtrack.  Like many movies for children there is a deeper message.  I’m not quite sure what it is but I think it is to not take things for granted.  It’s called Labyrinth for a reason.  I think it is a good length of time not too long and everything gets summed up nicely.  Like any movie there are boring scenes but those are quickly forgotten.  I first saw it when I was a sophomore in high school so I wasn’t scared of it but my younger brother was when he saw it.  There are some weird scenes.  Since it is from the 80s it looks like a very cheesy movie compared to what we have now.  The opening animation looks like a very blocky and early 3D computer game graphic but that is just how it was back then.  I have very few complaints about it.  One of them would have to be the actual acting.  Not much of it seems natural but that could be the point.  This was not the first movie for Bowie and compared to his other movies this one seems the least natural and unscripted.  Overall I loved this movie when I first saw it and I still do.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  


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