Carrie as Reviewed by Others

These reviews are from sources that are not me and are compiled on these websites from their users.  IMDb has Carrie at a 7.4/10 with 131,852 people giving their feedback on it.  Rotten Tomatoes has Carrie at a 8.4/10 equaling a 93% with 57 actual critics reviewing it.  Four gave it a rotten or bad review and 53 gave it a fresh or good review.  The grade their users gave it was 3.4 /5 equaling a 76% with the input of  352,151 users.   Roger Ebert gave it a 3.5/4.  He was a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013 so he knows what he is talking about.  On Rotten Tomatoes James Berardinelli, one of the four that gave it a bad review, says, “There is little suspense or dramatic tension; everything plays out like bad melodrama or cheap exploitation.”  Personally I think there is plenty of suspense and it is made by the fact that it takes place in a high school and for pretty much everyone has at least one bad memory that you can use to relate to Carrie and what she goes through.  On IMDb most of the people, who are just internet folk like myself, who gave it a bad review seem to have a personal grudge against the movie.  For example, “ ‘Carrie’ has to be the most overrated movie of all time. It starts off promisingly, but nothing decent happens until the final 15 minutes. Brian Depalma rips off Hitchcock at every turn.”  He says that Brian De Palma rips off Hitchcock a lot and I suppose it is true but he was very influential as a filmmaker so it is to be expected that others will copy him.  Roger Ebert gave his review back when it first came out.  I think that the overall positive reviews are because, as he points out, “This girl Carrie isn’t another stereotyped product of the horror production line; she’s a shy, pretty, and complicated high school senior who’s a lot like kids we once knew.”  It makes it relatable and more like one of those it could happen to you type things which I think is what makes it scary.  For one of the most recognizable scenes in horror they used karo syrup and red food coloring to get the effect of blood being dumped onto Carrie.  In this version from 1976 and the new one from 2013 they literally dumped a bucket of blood on Sissy Spacek or Chloë Grace Moretz.  I was questioning how they did this and assumed as much for the original but with the new one I wasn’t sure.  Just for fun I decided to compare the two.  For the 2013 version Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 48%, IMDb gave it a 5.9/10, and Roger Ebert gave it a 3 /4.  The Roger Ebert review is not actually from him, but from Matt Zoller Seitz posted on his website.  I have seen both and I prefer the original.  Overall the professional critics, random internet folk, and myself have the same opinion that this is a good movie.   

Links to the pages that I used

Roger Ebert






Rotten Tomatoes




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