Distributed by: United Artists

Directed by: Brian De Palma

Starring: Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, and Piper Laurie

Like I said before I am not a huge fan of horror.  They are scary and that is the point of them but still.  I am strangely okay with watch older horror movies like Carrie, The Shining, and The Exorcist.  I do not really know why.  Carrie is based of the novel Carrie by Stephen King which I have read and I enjoyed it.  One of my favorite scenes is when Carrie has just been elected prom queen (with her date Tommy as prom king) and the “bad guys” of the movie (Chris, Billy, Sue, and friends) decide to drop a bucket of pig’s blood on her covering her with the blood and splattering it around.  Her mother had been talking to her about it and making her feel awful for going so she was obviously upset with what her mother said and the other kids laughing at her for the blood makes her use her powers to their full extent and it becomes a very chaotic and violent scene.  It is one of my favorite scenes because of all the chaos.  Also the camerawork is interesting.  It becomes split screen allowing us to see what Carrie is doing and the impact of her actions.  And in other scenes the camera is jumping and panning everywhere with contrasting images of dark and light.  Since Carrie is a high school student most of the movie takes place at the high school like the locker room, classroom, gymnasium, and outdoor track.  There are also scenes in her house which is very dark, as in not well lit, and lots of religious symbolism takes place throughout the whole movie.  Since Carrie has a very religious mother she is sometimes sent to the prayer closet which has a very creepy looking crucifix in it.  Later in the movie when her mother dies she get stabbed in the same spots and the crucifix did.  I would say the clothing was appropriate for the time and settings.  It took place in the 1970s and I didn’t notice anything weird or out of place.  I enjoyed the music throughput the film as well.  It really went with the action around it.  It was a normal length movie about 90 minutes long and there is so much variation in the scenes that I was able to pay attention the whole time.  My least favorite part was the jump scene.  I have seen it before so I knew when it was going to happen and what would happen but it still made me jump.  The first time I saw it, however, I jumped and screamed.  Just before it happens it is very peaceful and calm and you don’t think anything bad is going to happen then it does.  Overall I would watch this movie again.  It wasn’t keep you awake at night scary but enough to make you think before you bully someone.  I would recommend it to my friends.


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