Nevada Smith As Reviewed By Others

These reviews are from sources that are not me and are compiled on these websites from their users.  IMDb has Nevada Smith at a 7.0/10 with 5,759 people giving their feedback on it.  Rotten Tomatoes has Nevada Smith at a 6.1/10 equalling a 57% with seven actual critics reviewing it.  Three gave it a rotten or bad review and four gave it a fresh or good review.  The grade their users gave it was 3.4 /5 equalling a 66% with the input of 3,227 users.  I also found that three guys got together, made a website, and started to review movies.  It is called Three Movie Buffs.  Scott and Patrick gave Nevada Smith 3 /4 stars and Eric gave it 2.5/4 stars.  Giving it an average of 2.75/4 stars.  I took all these scores and averaged them and it ends up being about 3 /5 stars, which I would agree with.  I really like the way the Three Movie Buffs did their review system.  I definitely agree with Scott in his review about everything being filmed on location,

Almost the entire film was shot on location and not just the typical desert setting with the same rock formation in the background over and over again. A good portion of it was filmed in the Inyo National Forest and it makes a beautiful backdrop. Other scenes take place in the Alabama Hills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and again the cinematography makes full use of the locations.”  

I have seen films where they appear to be going in a large circle around the same rock formation.  And seeing them use all the different locations for different scenarios made it better and made the length, which the three movie buffs agree with me on it being too long, tolerable.  Apparently Max Sand, played by Steve McQueen is supposed to be a teenager in this movie.  I was not aware of this and I assumed he was supposed to  be a 20 something based on how old he looks.  He was actually 36 when it was filmed.  Eric said, “McQueen had a face at that point in his life that could convincingly play older but not younger.”  Usually age does not matter in movies but I agree with Eric when he says,

“Scott wrote that the script should have eliminated the references to how old he is, but that is the entire point of this coming of age story. Max Sand’s story arc is his growing up to become a man. If his age is erased then we lose the most important aspect of this tale. Each person Max meets, each event he experiences is a lesson, be it about guns, poker, reading, writing, sex, love, religion, honor and death. Seeing a middle aged man experience these things for the first time made Max seem mentally challenged.”

I also discovered that Nevada Smith is actually a prequel to The Carpetbaggers from 1964.  The point of it is to give a back story on Nevada Smith.  Both movies were based upon events in the Harold Robbins’ novel also called The Carpetbaggers.  I had no idea what to expect from Nevada Smith besides standard western stuff so I think they did a good job with the prequel aspect of it.  Overall it looks like the professional film critics, random internet folk, and me all had about the same opinion on Nevada Smith.         

Links to the review pages


Rotten Tomatoes

Three Movie Buffs


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