Weekly Reflection

The pictures that I used were just spur of the moment pictures.  The first one I tried and succeeded to get the Golden Gate Bridge in the background but that was all the “composing” I did for it.  In the second one it was purely just a random selfie with no thought on how it was composed.  Most of my pictures have no context or reason other than I felt like taking a picture.  I was kind of nervous about having my face out there but then I realized if someone really wanted to track me down they could and my face is already out there so it’s whatever.  When I post things publicly I avoid using my full name and I try to limit the amount of information on my profiles.  Like I don’t have where I go to school on many and I don’t have my jobs or current city on any.  I don’t think either of them really relate to the ideas of Rettburg or Zesty.  Mine don’t have a deeper meaning or anything it’s just me.


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