I’ve wondered how and why people make money from blogs for a while now.  It seems easy but it’s really not so I can see why for some lucky bloggers they can make it into a full time job.  But besides advertisements how do they make money?  According to Jordan Younger, a lifestyle blogger, in her post What Does It Mean To Be a “Blogger,” Anyway?, “Pretty much, brands started realizing that blogs were a legitimate form of marketing (a really, really great way to market because they get a target audience AND a genuine, reliable marketer) and slowly but surely, making a living as a blogger started to become possible.”  She also describes what bloggers do as a type of freelance artistry.  But also as a type of online diary, “Sometimes I write on a whim about what I’m feeling in a singular moment (like yesterday’s post about travel), but sometimes my posts are planned out months in advance with professional photography, interviews, videos, edits and all that jazz.”  So it really depends on what you, as an author, want to make having a blog about.  If you want a nature photography blog you can do that if you want to.  I’m still working on figuring out an actual consistent theme for mine.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers

  1. I really connected with the freedom that creating a blog gives you. At first in this course I struggled with exactly which direction to take my blog. Normally, I do well with an outline and directions to follow, a structure. Since my days are built and planned out down to the minute. However, I think that’s what’s so freeing and interesting. I dont plan to make money from this blog, its more of an exercise and learning experience. As they say, “the beauty is in the struggle”…thats a saying right? 🙂


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