About Blogs

I thought that these were interesting articles to read about the history of blogs.  Blogs became a thing in the late 90s when I was a kid.  I had heard of people reading blogs back then but I never really understood why someone would want to read about a strangers life.  Or how someone’s life could be so interesting.  Now that I have one (even if it is boring to read) I can see the appeal of having one.  I thought it was interesting that Rebecca Blood, in her blog post weblogs: a history and perspective said, “They will click back and forth between blogs and analyze each blogger’s point of view in a multi-blog conversation, and form their own conclusions on the matter at hand.”  It really seems to sum up what bloggers do and what the purpose of a blog is.  The author states their opinion and then the reader gathers other information if they want to and they get to make their own judgement on it and comment if they choose to.  In her book BloggingJill Walker Rettburg says, “But although a blogger in 2002 might not have predicted Pinterest or Twitter, it’s unlikely they would have been particularly surprised to learn about them.”  People like talking, and sometimes bragging, about themselves so it should not really be a surprise that blogs are as popular as they are or once were.


2 thoughts on “About Blogs

  1. I would only disagree that your opinion is uninteresting lol, I think that any point which adds a unique and honest perspective is highly valuable in a discussion, yours included 😉


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