Weekly Reflection

I think I hit the mark on the assignments for this week.  I struggled through some of it but I made it.  I learned how to set up a blog and then link other things to it.The things that I had the most trouble with was setting things up.  Twitter was simple but setting up the blog was probably the hardest because of all the different options.  Surprisingly I am enjoying writing on here almost everyday.  I’m still working on my tweets because I need more than the 140 characters. I don’t think that I would change anything besides getting better time management but that has always been a struggle.  I’m not sure if my topics are at all related to the class because they are just random thoughts I have.  This week I talked about the copyright issues and RSS.

These are the links to what I’ve posted on my blog

New Year New Adventures


Dreaming Of Summer

Shows, Movies, and Friends

Bad Decisions

Back In The Day

I Worked Out (Kinda)






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