Walmart is a magical place for college students where you can get everything you need and then some for relatively low prices.  For example I went there tonight to get produce.  I ended up getting mac and cheese, mini pies, ramen, and a 16 pack of cheeseburgers.  I got my bag of carrots as well but I also got that unnecessary stuff.  Whenever I go with my friends we always have a good time and stay there for like 2 hours looking at random stuff like strangely fluffy rugs and $50 stuffed animals.  We go there with a purpose but it quickly gets forgotten as we marvel at how much cake you can get for $10.  I used to avoid Walmart but now it’s the best place in town to go for anything you need.  Since I moved up here I’ve gotten food, candy, home accessories, clothes, and random knick-knacks there.  It’s one stop shopping and it’s better than going to three different stores.


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