I Worked Out (Kinda)

As I previously mentioned me and a friend were going to go to the gym.  We went yesterday and it was kind of fun.  We were aiming for cardio and some weights but neither of us have done free weights and I know I can’t even bench the bar so we gave up on that and just did cardio.  Since it was the first time in a while we only did a short work out of 20 minutes.  I know some of y’all wouldn’t even count that as exercising but we did and we were proud of ourselves.  We were just on the stationary bikes so we started out easy and we are planning on going again sometime but coordinating a time is always a struggle.  I’ve been trying to eat better or less in general and drinking more water than soda so I feel healthier.  I have to walk half a mile to class and half a mile back so I end up walking at least a mile a day.  I just wished I enjoyed exercising more than I do.  Any suggestions?


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