Bad Decisions

Well there are many bad decisions in our lives today.  Such as watching a show on Netflix when we should be asleep.  Or not eating the healthy options in the mess hall when we really actually need to.  For my New Year’s resolution I said I was gonna lose weight (just like everyone else) and that I was going to pick a show and watch every episode as it comes out on TV.  So I talked to a friend about going to the gym and we are going tomorrow because they also said it was their goal.  Lately I’ve been eating apples and eating less in general.  The show I chose was The Bachelor.  I’ve never actually watched a whole episode of it until the first episode of this season.  The show that lead to my bad decisions last night/this morning was Blue Mountain State.  Which, funnily enough, is about college and bad decisions.  It’s a funny show y’all should watch it.  After dinner  one of my friends decides to go to Walmart and get brownie mix.  While I was there I chose a strawberry shortcake parfait thing and it was not the greatest thing in the world.  So I get home and eat that as I watch too many episodes and then I decide to go to sleep and I have to take my contacts out, that’s not an issue.  But I forgot to fill the case with solution or even close them before going to sleep.  But luckily or not I have medicine to take at 7 in the morning so I was able to fill them with solution and cover them before I actually needed to wear them.  Then this morning I need to shower and I almost forgot to bring my shampoo with me because I was tired from the night before.  So one bad decision leads to mistakes which can lead to more bad decisions.  So far none of my bad decisions have greatly impacted my life.


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