Weekly Reflection

This was an interesting assignment week because I realized that some of the things I regularly check out counted as blogs.  I suppose I knew that they were I just didn’t put two and two together.  I also enjoyed learning more about what bloggers do and somewhat the financial aspect of running one.  Hopefully learning […]

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What is a Blog?

After conducting some very scientific research (reading random blogs) I have decided that a blog is a collection of thoughts and stories that usually serve some purpose.  Even if it is a blog about someone’s life they thought it was important to share it.  I think that anyone can blog because we are all story […]

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I’ve wondered how and why people make money from blogs for a while now.  It seems easy but it’s really not so I can see why for some lucky bloggers they can make it into a full time job.  But besides advertisements how do they make money?  According to Jordan Younger, a lifestyle blogger, in […]

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About Blogs

I thought that these were interesting articles to read about the history of blogs.  Blogs became a thing in the late 90s when I was a kid.  I had heard of people reading blogs back then but I never really understood why someone would want to read about a strangers life.  Or how someone’s life […]

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Weekly Reflection

I think I hit the mark on the assignments for this week.  I struggled through some of it but I made it.  I learned how to set up a blog and then link other things to it.The things that I had the most trouble with was setting things up.  Twitter was simple but setting up […]

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Walmart is a magical place for college students where you can get everything you need and then some for relatively low prices.  For example I went there tonight to get produce.  I ended up getting mac and cheese, mini pies, ramen, and a 16 pack of cheeseburgers.  I got my bag of carrots as well […]

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I thought that WIPO was the most helpful because it was easy to navigate and understand.  WIPO talks about intellectual property in its various forms and links to all of them to go into more detail.  I had some trouble annotating my links but I was able to find this useful support page telling me how […]

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